You Are Awesome: How to Go from Ordinary to an Extraordinary Life

Patrick Paul L
4 min readJan 14, 2024

Imagine this: it's 4:30 AM in the Sahara Desert. A biting wind whips sand against your face as you stand atop a towering dune, the first rays of dawn painting the sky fiery orange. You're shivering, lost, and questioning every life decision that led you here. But beneath the fear, a thrill hums in your veins. This, you realize, is not just a failed camel trek; it's a crossroads. Do you turn back, seeking the comfort of routine, or embrace the exhilarating unknown and carve your own path?

This, my friends, is the essence of living an extraordinary life. It's not about sipping lattes in perfectly curated Instagram squares (though coffee breaks have their place). It's about ditching the "shoulds" and chasing the "hells yeahs." It's about waking up not to the blaring alarm, but to the thunderous call of your own dreams.

Imagine standing amidst the hushed reverence of a Parisian auction house, a priceless Fabergé egg clutched in your trembling hands. This, you realize, is no museum dream; it's your reality. You, Sarah, the former accountant who traded spreadsheets for second-hand treasures, just landed the deal of a lifetime. Or picture Michael, the 62-year-old who ditched the corporate grind to become a beekeeper, his heart buzzing with the rhythm of his apiary, his honey lauded by Michelin-starred chefs.

These are not distant stars or fictional heroes. They're living proof that extraordinary lives bloom at all ages, from Sarah's audacious career pivot to Michael's late-blooming entrepreneurial spirit. And you, my friend, hold the seeds of your own extraordinary

But how, you ask, does one transition from ordinary to extraordinary? Mindfulness and journaling, while valuable tools, are just the base camp. True transformation requires action, and that's where my book, "You Can Be Extraordinary, But Will You?", comes in. It's your roadmap to an awesome life, filled with practical tips and real-life stories of people who dared to break free from the ordinary.

Here's the thing: extraordinary lives aren't confined to age brackets. A 21-year-old can scale mountains while a 60-year-old can master the tango. Statistics back this up – a University of Michigan study found that adults who pursue new challenges at any age show increased cognitive function and even happiness.

So, age is just a number, friends. Let's dismantle the myth that extraordinary is reserved for the young and reckless.

So, how do we ignite this extraordinary spark within ourselves?

1. Uncover your fire: Forget generic goals; tap into your unique passions. What makes your soul sing? Is it creating art, building businesses, or advocating for social causes? Dig deep, find your fire, and fan it into a raging inferno.

2. Embrace discomfort: Growth lies beyond the comfort zone. Take calculated risks, try new things, and don't shy away from failures. Remember, Thomas Edison famously failed 1,000 times before perfecting the light bulb. Failure is just a stepping stone, not a tombstone.

3. Connect with your tribe: Find your cheerleaders, the people who believe in your crazy dreams even when you doubt yourself. Surround yourself with positive energy, and watch your confidence soar.

4. Celebrate the small wins: Don't wait for the mountaintop moment to pop the champagne. Celebrate every step, every milestone, every hurdle cleared. Gratitude fuels motivation, and small victories pave the way to bigger ones.

Living an extraordinary life isn't about achieving some predetermined definition of success. It's about waking up each day with purpose, passion, and the unwavering belief that your story matters. It's about leaving your own mark on the world, however big or small.

So, are you ready to ditch the ordinary and grab life by the horns? Remember, the choice is yours. Will you answer the call of your awesome self? Will you write a story that makes your heart sing? The answer, is waiting for you, just beyond the next dune.

Ready to unleash your extraordinary?

Grab my book "You Can Be Extraordinary, But Will You?" and let's start your adventure today!



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