How I Cheated Death In A Deserted WELL

Patrick Paul L
3 min readJan 12, 2024

When I was in Junior Secondary School, I had gone into an abandon building overgrown with weeds in search for a particular plant to be used for an Integrated science practical. Little did I know that this would have been the end of my life.

As I entered the premises which was about 30 meters from the main street, I took the first, second and several other steps. Suddenly, I found myself in a different environment and world. Behold, I was deep down in a Well that contains water.

I grew up in the twin cities of Warri, Delta State, Nigeria. In those days the major source of water in Warri is the Well water and because development was springing up in various parts of the city most housing projects uses this source of water for building purposes.

And when the developers exhausted their budget, they abandoned it, leaving the open Well behind. It was in one of such Wells I fell into. As I was in that Well the greatest thing I wished for was for God to give me a second shot at life.

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I stared at death eyeballs to eyeballs as I said my last prayer and waited for Mr. Death to lead me on safely to the other world, without my body ever being found. Somehow, I cheated death I survived. Spirits do not write blog post, do they?

After much struggling and fretting, I decided to let go and became relaxed as I hung on to life on top of the water, resting my back on the slippery wall. I became optimistic that God, the Force or Infinite Intelligence would get me out. You know what, I got out.

Fast forward 10 years later. I followed a building contractor to one of such abandoned sites where work is about to begin and the bushes being cleared. Someone called our attention to a nearby Well similar to the one I fell in and asked us to take a look, I approached the Well with caution because as they say once beaten twice shy. As I took a look what I saw sent shivers and goose pimples all over my body. I became dizzy and managed to move away as I sat on the ground.

Inside the Well were a colony of different species of snakes of all sizes happily wringling amongst themselves.

At that point I traveled again to my time in the well with questions running through my mind. While was the Well I fell into with much dense bush lack a single snake? Did a giant hand relocated the reptiles before I landed in the Well?

Today I can be only grateful for the gift of life.

As we begin the New year, know you are not alone. God got your back always.

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